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Chi Siamo

Founded in Italy at the beginning of 2005, it is a design, production and marketing company, specialized in the Information Technology market. Techmade srl owns the Techmade range of IT accessories and is licensee of the most important brands of the Italian Serie A clubs.

Being close to the people and satisfying their daily needs with reliable, high quality, high diffusion and accessibility technological products, guaranteeing a continuous and palpable emotion is Techmade's mission. Its objective is expressed in a clear vision: to search in innovation and in the services its strengths to be the choice of the consumer in the national and foreign market.

The experience gained in the last years, in the management of Information Technology products, in partnership with the best international producers, has pushed the company to specialize in the Private Label, where it is able to lead the customer, intent on creating a product under its own brand, to cover all the technical steps that go from the idea to the production of samples ready for commercial tests.

Thanks to this policy we have won and retained a clientele made up of experienced and demanding users both in terms of product quality and services. 

Our clientele finds in our planning a competent technician more than a trader because it shares our same vision of company: to satisfy the informatic necessities with totally personalized products.

Techmade believes that to satisfy the needs of the customer and always be at his side, we need a well-defined internal sector.

This is why the company staff is organized and divided into 5 specific areas: administration, sales, technical assistance, design and logistics.

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