Terms of Sale

Sales prices and methods of purchase
All sales prices of the products displayed and indicated on the website, are excluding VAT and are linked to a variable dollar price. A contribution will be charged to the customer for shipping and collection costs, variable in relation to the weight, size and destination of the order and the chosen payment method. Considering the rapid change in the prices of IT articles and given that usually the variations tend to fall, the price list of articles online and the paper, downloaded from the site, is indicative as it may change at any time without notice (eg .: fluctuations in the dollar, adverse socio-political situations and natural disasters in exporting countries, etc.).

Availability of products
The computer system of Techmade S.r.l. indicates, in its electronic catalog, the indicative availability of the product at its supply centers, any unavailability condition or forecast. These availabilities are subject to changes dependent on customer orders. It will be the Techmade S.r.l. communicate any delays due to stock problems that can not be filled in a reasonable time with new supplies from suppliers. Articles may undergo technical and / or aesthetic changes due to force majeure or production needs; therefore Techmade S.r.l. guarantees the delivery, with the same code, of products with the same or better technical characteristics than those described in our catalog.

Acceptance of the order
The purchase of what is requested will be perfected through the following phases:
With the completion of the order on the website www.techmade.eu, the customer transmits to Techmade S.r.l. a proposal to purchase the selected product or products.
The sending of the purchase order implies the consent (pursuant to article 10 DL 185/1999) to receive the subsequent communications.
The TECHMADE confirms with an e-mail the receipt of the order transmitted by the customer, with the assignment of a `Customer Order Number` that must be used in any further communication.
TECHMADE will verify the effective availability of the goods in stock and will provide to communicate by telephone or email changes in availability.
If the order has been accepted, for the conclusion of the contract the customer must make payment of the order through the methods chosen during the order.

Usually the payment methods are established by mutual agreement between the parties at the time of the sale. The most used systems are the classic cash, cash and bank receipts. PAYMENT BENCHES ARE NOT ACCEPTED. In general, the quantity min. can be ordered € 100.00 on delivery.
Orders bearing a quantity other than the specified one will not be taken into consideration. For any other needs, contact our staff at info@techmade.eu
In case of non-payment, in whole or in part, upon expiration, Techmade S.r.l. may, without the need for a prior judicial order, take back possession of the products still lying at the customer and / or not yet sold by it and the customer agrees to consent without exception. The Customer must notify Techmade S.r.l., under penalty of compensation for any damage, any seizure or seizure by a third party on products purchased from Techmade S.r.l. and not yet fully paid. The products owned by Techmade S.r.l. must be insured to cover damage to the product and any damage to third parties.

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