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Warranty Policy


All products purchased on, even those not branded Techmade, are covered by the legal warranty of two years of the seller provided by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree No. 206 of 6 September 2005).

Pursuant to Articles 128 to 135 of the Consumer Code, consumers have the right, among other things, to obtain from the seller the free repair or replacement of products that show a lack of conformity in the 24 months following the delivery date. The defect must be reported within 2 months of discovery.

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  • Who has the right to request the application of the legal guarantee in accordance with the Consumer Code?

Only consumers - or natural persons who have purchased a product for non-commercial, entrepreneurial or professional use - can benefit from the legal guarantee. Therefore invoices bearing the VAT number of a company or a professional do not give rights to the rights under the legal guarantee.

  • How / when is it possible to request the application of the legal guarantee remedies?

According to the Consumer Code, a consumer can request the seller of a product to apply the legal guarantee remedies for conformity defects that have occurred within 24 months of delivery of the product. The consumer must report the defect within 2 months of discovery.

Consumers can request the application of the legal guarantee remedies provided they have proof of purchase (eg receipt / receipt) of the product. It is therefore important to always keep the receipt relating to the purchase of the product.

  • What is a lack of conformity?

Pursuant to Article 129 of the Consumer Code, a product has a lack of conformity if it is not suitable for the use to which products of the same type are normally used, if it does not conform to the seller's description in terms of quality or performance or if does not present the usual qualities and performance of a good of the same type, which the consumer can reasonably expect, given the nature of the product.

  • What to do in the event of a defect in a product purchased online at

In the event that a consumer discovers that a product purchased on has a lack of conformity, he can contact the contact details on indicated in the "Contact Us" section.

Techmade srl will assist the consumer to verify that the conditions set forth in the Consumer Code are met. If the problem can not be solved by telephone and / or if the product requires a technical diagnosis in order to verify the existence of a lack of conformity, the consumer will be directed to the TechmadeBlog to book the withdrawal of the device at his home.

If it is established that the conditions established by the Consumer Code are met, the consumer can request Techmade srl to obtain free repair or replacement of the defective product, unless the remedy requested is objectively impossible or excessively burdensome compared to the other, in consideration of the value of the product, the nature of the lack of conformity and the possibility of creating an alternative remedy without significant inconveniences for the consumer.

If the repair or replacement of the product proves impossible, excessively expensive, takes too much time or may cause significant inconvenience to the consumer, the latter is entitled to full or partial refund of the price upon return of the product.

Note: the indications on the above remedies apply only in the case of products purchased on

Consumers who have purchased Techmade products from Authorized Resellers in Italy may request the application of the legal guarantee only to the direct seller of the product in question (if the conditions set out in the Consumer Code are met).

  • Diagnosis, assistance and related costs

When a product purchased on will have to be entrusted to the C.A.T. of the Techmade for a diagnosis, the consumer will receive a confirmation e-mail in which he will be informed on the day and time that the courier will pick up the bundled shock-proof device with proof of purchase.

In the event that the diagnosis ascertains that the product has a lack of conformity (ie that the conditions set by the Consumer Code are met), the consumer will be repaired and / or replaced the device in a short time.

In the event that the diagnosis ascertains that the conditions foreseen by the Consumer Code are not met (for example, if the defect is a consequence of an incorrect use of the product by the consumer), the C.A.T. Techmade will send an email to the consumer informing him of the nature of the defect and of the estimated repair costs. These costs will be entirely borne by the consumer. Furthermore, in some cases, the consumer may be required to pay the costs for transport costs incurred by Techmade s.r.l.

In cases where the legal guarantee does not apply, C.A.T. Techmade will require the consumer to approve the repair cost estimate before work is started.

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Articles 128 to 135
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